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The day I cried at the park while pregnant

There’s a reason I still have this photograph. Although it may not look significant, I saved it because I hoped to talk about it one day. 

I was pregnant in my third trimester with Ophelia, but still was out and about  with the boys. I stopped teaching senior fitness and took an early maternity leave. In my head, I thought that going to the park would be a piece of cake that day. Instead, it was a mess….

There were a few kids who were throwing toy cars down the slide. Declan and Ronan were thrilled! I let them play together until I started getting hangry. Of course, I brought snacks for the boys and totally forgot about myself. As they finished up their snack, I asked them to follow me to the bathroom, which triggered a tantrum for Ronan. He didn’t want to leave the park. I didn’t have the stroller, so pregnant me was carrying a wailing Ronan on arm and a semi chill Declan on the other side. 

Another mom saw my struggle and offered to carry Declan. What a saint! I was so stressed and grateful that I started to cry. I don’t remember the exact words she said because I was so overwhelmed with emotion, but I do remember her saying something to the effect of- you do what you can in the moment you’re in and to please stop crying or else I’d make her tear up as well.

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