Motherhood & loneliness – Part 2

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Motherhood is a series of bumpy roads. Whether you’re a mom of 1 or a mom of 5, we can all relate to feeling alone in a crazy blur. It may not seem like there is much rhyme or reason to what’s going on. We make all sorts of plans for the day when we g-d well know that things will go according to the way our kids are feeling.

Sometimes (for me anyway) there is a glimpse of hope at nap time. Maybe they will all crash at the same time. That would be great because I could sure use a nap as well! Most of the time, I’m entertaining my infant or keeping her out of harms way- she likes to interrupt her brother’s flow. Once she goes down for a nap, then I’m working with my boys. Then it’s time to prep dinner or clean up a mess. Before you know it, I’m getting baby girl ready for bed and we all go to sleep and start this cycle all over again.

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives. Now, more than ever I am beginning to feel that surge of loneliness spread through my veins. Dramatic, I know, but really… Simple things, like seeing familiar faces at the gym or having gatherings with friends and family make a difference. We’re all forced to go digital with social distancing. All this uncertainty mixed with politics, angst and fear leave a thick head cloud around us, but I know that this will not last forever. 

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