Mom Brain Moments – Yes, It’s a REAL thing!

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THURSDAY – I was awake till a little over 1AM this morning working on this blog post and I did another “Mom Brain” thing by not saving the draft! OoooMG!!!!! I’m mortified.

Flash back…

MONDAY – I excitedly got ready for TKB. Tim came home early enough for me to go to the 5:30 class. By the time I got out, Tim calls me with O wailing bloody murder. He says that Lisa (financial advisor) was at our house for ourthe 6:30 meeting. Of course, I remember booking the meeting via email, but stupid ass me forgot to write it in my calendar which was the #1 reason why I spaced about the appointment. UGH

LAST WEDNESDAY – Tim and I were in the car and he started venting to me about how I make his brain hurt (I won’t go into details). He said that I told him TKB classes were not available at Renaissance (home to our new gym). What I thought I told him: “Our new gym only has TKB two nights a week.” -shaking my head at myself-

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