Do you let your kid cry it out?

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When you have 3 little ones,  there are often times when you’re dealing with a tantrum or two. Sometimes when one child is done crying, another one starts up for no apparent reason. I become angry mom when I fall victim to constant crying and whining on the daily. It’s my vice, my kryptonite and I have a lot of trouble keeping my cool in these situations. While I’m out in public, I tend to be more mindful of my actions, but when I’m at home? Forget about it.

My toddler and preschooler tend to get into fights while I am tending to baby O, so that’s always fun! Distractions are key to keeping my sanity; however, when the boys are fighting and sissy is having a massive separation anxiety attack (or so I think that’s why she’s wailing) I get so flustered.

I let baby O cry it out for as long as I can stand it. I let her cry it out when I have to do business in the bathroom or when I’m putting Ronan down for nap time. I let her cry it out when I need just 5 minutes to scarf down something to eat. It’s a constant battle, but if I didn’t leave her be, I would get absolutely nothing done at home. So judge me if you must!

What are your strategies for juggling life with 3 little ones in diapers?


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