Mom Brain Moments – Yes, It’s a REAL thing!

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THURSDAY – I was awake till a little over 1AM this morning working on this blog post and I did another “Mom Brain” thing by not saving the draft! OoooMG!!!!! I’m mortified. Flash back… MONDAY – I excitedly got ready for TKB. Tim came home early enough for me to go to the 5:30 class. By the time I got … Read More

Do you let your kid cry it out?

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When you have 3 little ones,  there are often times when you’re dealing with a tantrum or two. Sometimes when one child is done crying, another one starts up for no apparent reason. I become angry mom when I fall victim to constant crying and whining on the daily. It’s my vice, my kryptonite and I have a lot of … Read More

A Mom’s Guide to Pin Trading at Disneyland

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My babysitter/friend converted me into a pin trader. I am still learning the in’s and out’s, but with research and patience, I’ve managed to amass a sizable collection. It is an exciting can be expensive) hobby and I cannot wait till my kids are of age to join in on the fun! So, first thing is first. What is pin … Read More

Postpartum: Easing Back Into Exercise

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The first few weeks of postpartum healing were terrible for me because of the “no exercise, no heavy lifting” restriction. After having Declan, I remember feeling pretty terrible for 2 months. Everything hurt! Mix that with sleep deprivation and learning how to care for another tiny being and *BAM!* No wonder Postpartum Depression exists! But I will say, after having … Read More

Non Traditional Red Egg Celebration

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My family loves to have an excuse to throw a party . I mean, who doesn’t?! Naturally, with the birth of baby O, we wanted to host a Red Egg Party and ended up combining my birthday with it! Traditionally, you are suppose to serve eggs dyed in red with light ginger flavor. Instead, I purchased plastic red eggs and … Read More

The loneliest years – Part 1

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This is a post about feeling empty. I can’t complain too much about my life because I live in Orange County, do not have to work a stressful 9-5 job (although some may argue that being a stay-at-home is work), and can afford to raise my kids 15 minutes away from the beach (thanks to my hard working husband). Things … Read More

Baby Murphette’s Sprinkle

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I actually took a great deal of thought and time with this Sprinkle. Originally, this was suppose to be an outdoor party, but Mother Nature decided to rain on my parade (literally!) Apart from the mishaps (failed attempt at making Peach Bellinis, forgetting to lay out the party favors and taking pictures) I think everyone had fun and most of … Read More

Fun changes to come

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It has become apparent that I cannot juggle mommy duties and personal aspirations. I had to pick my battles and being a full time mom won; however, I am finding that deep down inside I want something more than play dates and talking about my kids. My heart keeps telling me that I need to continue to build and work … Read More

Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Sarah Holloway

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***Repost from #girlcrush interview from the-fit-foodie There’s never a perfect time to start so if you have a good idea don’t waste any time! Just get started! We all fall victim to self-doubt far too often – don’t spend all your time worrying about what won’t work instead of putting your energy into what will. You’ll never know until you try … Read More

Marmee Tribe – Cinthia Pacheco of Digital Bloom IQ

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Cinthia Pacheco is owner of Digital Bloom IQ a company focused on providing creative women the tools needed to work around digital marketing and web analytics. I met Cinthia at last years Yellow Conference in LA and we hit it off. Here, I took a little time out to interview her via e-mail. Check out what Ms. Cinthia has to say about … Read More