The Long Way – This route wasn’t the easiest to take

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Last year I set a goal of hosting my first Marmee themed pop-up duringFall/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week. Obviously, it didn’t happen and I’ll tell you why—– I’m taking a step back and slowing things down. Our society has been conditioned to life in the fast lane and keeping up with the joneses. We’re constantly on the move to … Read More

Motherhood…. The emotional roller coaster of fun

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It’s 2017 and I’m sitting here thinking about all that has occurred in the past 2 months. The holidays came and went. My son turned 1 and….. Shit hit the fan. Last year at this time I remember being in awe of the miracle of birth. I could stare at my son for days. Now, I must embrace his moments of Dr … Read More

Marmee Tribe – Dara Elliott of Brevity

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Some people are born with that certain sparkle and I see that in Dara Elliott. I met Dara while interning for Goga’s Project Runway premiere in San Diego. She recently launched a Kickstarter campaign titled THE DO ANYTHING JACKET | Athleisure Meets Sleek Design for her brand Brevity. Naturally, I was super excited to see that she met her goal and wanted … Read More

Pop Up Event – Barre Happy Hour

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Self Care Tips | Marmee

I’m very excited to announce Marmee’s first pop up event! We will provide participants with a beverage of their choice (wine, beer, non-alcoholic) and some light snacks. An extra perk will be a giveaways and freebies! Where:  Alkalign Studios in Irvine, located in the Woodbury Town Center next to Fish District. When:  December 1, 2016. Check in at by 6pm. … Read More

Marmee Tribe – Amanda Rowoldt of Mommy Works

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I’m all for moms supporting moms and discovered this business through another mom, of course! It was only natural for me to introduce myself to Amanda, owner and operator of Mommy Works, a co-working office space. What sets Mommy Works apart from others is that they offer supervised child care. I loved the concept and gave it a whirl last week. My child went … Read More

Marmee Tribe – Jeffri Tori of Romantique Bebe

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The first time I met Jeffri was at a Fashion Group International meeting. It was circa 2009 (around!) and I had just started attending Fashion Careers College for my Fashion Business & Technology certification. I didn’t know she was a teacher at FCC when I met her. My last class ended up being in the design department with Jeffri as my … Read More

Woman supporting woman – Marmee Tribe

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When I’m feeling down, I always try to revert my thinking to something more positive. For example, if my day begins to turn sour, I think “What would so and so think?” Then it suddenly dawned on me. Marmee needs a tribe!  The woman that I will be showcasing are examples to live by. Some I have interviewed personally, while … Read More

Marmee Fit- Exploring Yoga

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I just finished watching 27 Dresses and was reminded to revisit yoga. Where is the connection? The character Ed Burns plays is the love interest in the movie. Christy Turlington is married to Ed Burns. ::Light Bulb:: The Eight Limbs of Yoga from Christy Turlington’s “Living Yoga” Yama – Attitudes toward our environment -comprising ahimsa, the Hindu ethic of non-violence … Read More

Chicken Pot Pie TO GO!

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Technically… It’s a mini pot pie. This is what happens when you have left over pot pie filling, pie crust and a appetite!  If I made this again, I would sub puff pastry for pie crust. You can also make a little gravy for a dip! The portable pot pie recipe can be found in our Instagram feed @MarmeeNest   … Read More