Yoga Mom’s Journey: Part 2 – The Seasons Of Yoga

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I’ve talked about the Seasons of Motherhood in the past and thought it would be appropriate to weave that into Part 2 of my yoga journey. Are you wondering what defines a season? Well, my best analogy is linking the seasons of the year to the stages of our lives. As I looked back and reflected on my seasons of life, … Read More

Journaling For Mental Health: Taming The Monkey Mind

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Did you ever keep a diary or journal when you were little? My first memory of journaling was in grade school.  While attending San Joaquin Elementary, my second grade teacher had us writing our thoughts in a notebook first thing in the morning. For one, I think it gave us the opportunity to creatively explore with words. It also was … Read More

Beyond Asanas: Empowerment Through Yoga Philosophy

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  After my morning lecture today, I felt compelled to touch on the idea of power and knowledge. When you think of the practice of yoga, do you immediately turn to the physical aspects aka asanas? Did you know that yoga is so much more than the physical practice? It is a way of life and a masterful craft that transforms … Read More

Morning Routines For Multi-Tasking Mamas

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I am a “go with the flow” type of person, so imagine my chagrin when I was told that most moms should stick to a regular routine for their children. Then I realized that everyone has a different way of going about a scheduled routine. One might have their whole week planned out with an activity to fill every 3 … Read More

Finding Equanimity In Undesirable Situations

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  In this Monthly Mantra series, I wanted to define and discuss equanimity. This week has been filled with so many different emotions and the notion of equanimity was actually a perfect way for me to reflect. Personally, this week was more challenging than others. It had come to a point where I was feeling a little overloaded and I wanted … Read More