Postpartum: Easing Back Into Exercise

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The first few weeks of postpartum healing were terrible for me because of the “no exercise, no heavy lifting” restriction. After having Declan, I remember feeling pretty terrible for 2 months. Everything hurt! Mix that with sleep deprivation and learning how to care for another tiny being and *BAM!* No wonder Postpartum Depression exists! But I will say, after having Ronan and Ophelia, the healing process seemed much less painful. After giving birth to O, I actually was able to do some incline walking 2 weeks postpartum. Know that everyone heals differently and that one should listen to their own body. I am a huge advocate of that!

I am the type of mom that doesn’t take exercise lightly. It really fuels my soul and does wonders for mental health. I cannot tell you how many mornings have started with a good workout. The countdown to the 4 week postpartum follow up could not come fast enough. When I was given the green light to go back to my regular routine, I found myself struggling. Working around breast feeding, my mom’s presence and the craziness of the boys….What was the rush?? I wanted to make it to my classes on time! And then it dawned on me. I realized I needed to take it slow.

This past week I managed to squeeze 2 yoga classes in – yay me!- It felt so good to go back to classes. Even though I am oh so sore and cannot keep up like before, I’m keeping myself in check and being kind to myself. After all, I am only 9 weeks postpartum.

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