How I’m juggling Mom Life & Yoga Life during this pandemic

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I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to yoga after having Ronan, which carried through in my pregnancy with Ophelia. Prior to that, I only practiced when I needed a break from cardio. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with finding balance even though my pregnant body felt like a mess… Or the calm state shavasana left me in. Or how strong my arms felt during chatarunga. I’ve found strength and will power that I thought I did not possess. I believe that every woman has the courage to push themselves because I did it. Here is how….


Yup, it really is that simple! I remind myself each and every day to look on the brighter side…

Sometimes it’s not that easy to cultivate positivity. Your work load may cause severe anxiety with deadlines looming over your head. Maybe the kids are acting extra GREAT and you won’t be getting a break any time soon. Things come up at the worst times, i.e. COVID-19…

So, I try to channel someone else’s point of view. The most positive person I knew was my dad. What would dad do in this situation?


How can I overcome this problem?

Sometimes this exercise works and sometimes it doesn’t. The most important thing I’ve learned during this crazy confusing time is balance. Help my kids, then help myself. Tame and tackle the easiest problem first and move on to the next. Time moves much more slowly right now and so I’m doing my part to stay sane for the sake of my own personal health while nurturing my kids with love and kindness they deserve.


Yoga is my nourishment.

I see the strength within. I’d love to teach, but right now might not be the time. I record when I can and plan as much in advance as possible. Maybe I’ll talk about that in another post.

It’s not always easy, but life is all about the waves. I’m riding them and embracing the bad and the good.

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