Mom Stories

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The day I cried at the park while pregnant There’s a reason I still have this photograph. Although it may not look significant, I saved it because I hoped to talk about it one day.  I was pregnant in my third trimester with Ophelia, but still was out and about  with the boys. I stopped teaching senior fitness and took … Read More

Fun changes to come

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It has become apparent that I cannot juggle mommy duties and personal aspirations. I had to pick my battles and being a full time mom won; however, I am finding that deep down inside I want something more than play dates and talking about my kids. My heart keeps telling me that I need to continue to build and work … Read More

Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Sarah Holloway

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***Repost from #girlcrush interview from the-fit-foodie There’s never a perfect time to start so if you have a good idea don’t waste any time! Just get started! We all fall victim to self-doubt far too often – don’t spend all your time worrying about what won’t work instead of putting your energy into what will. You’ll never know until you try … Read More

Pop Up Event – Barre Happy Hour

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Self Care Tips | Marmee

I’m very excited to announce Marmee’s first pop up event! We will provide participants with a beverage of their choice (wine, beer, non-alcoholic) and some light snacks. An extra perk will be a giveaways and freebies! Where:  Alkalign Studios in Irvine, located in the Woodbury Town Center next to Fish District. When:  December 1, 2016. Check in at by 6pm. … Read More