Journaling For Mental Health: Taming The Monkey Mind

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Did you ever keep a diary or journal when you were little? My first memory of journaling was in grade school.  While attending San Joaquin Elementary, my second grade teacher had us writing our thoughts in a notebook first thing in the morning. For one, I think it gave us the opportunity to creatively explore with words. It also was … Read More

The Long Way – This route wasn’t the easiest to take

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Last year I set a goal of hosting my first Marmee themed pop-up duringFall/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week. Obviously, it didn’t happen and I’ll tell you why—– I’m taking a step back and slowing things down. Our society has been conditioned to life in the fast lane and keeping up with the joneses. We’re constantly on the move to … Read More

Motherhood…. The emotional roller coaster of fun

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It’s 2017 and I’m sitting here thinking about all that has occurred in the past 2 months. The holidays came and went. My son turned 1 and….. Shit hit the fan. Last year at this time I remember being in awe of the miracle of birth. I could stare at my son for days. Now, I must embrace his moments of Dr … Read More

Marmee – Just the beginning

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The holidays are coming and I am anxious to get the ball rolling on my first pop-up. One thing is stopping me…. Okay, maybe two things! The first thing is time. The second thing is self doubt. It took me several years to gather enough courage to start this business from scratch. So what got me to pull the trigger?? My husband! … Read More