When I started this website, I hoped to own a business that celebrated life’s nesting moments. I dreamed of having a venue that could be used for so many different things. It of course, did not come into fruition, but I still hold this dream till this day and am keeping it alive by documenting it here.

This artwork and T designed by Dani Nagel of Dazey LA.

So, in order to build upon my little dream, I have decided to do something slightly out of my comfort zone. Starting in January of 2020, I will be working on my 200 hour Yoga certification. I’m ever so slowly putting myself out there and DOING THE DAMN DREAM!

I must admit, juggling this blog along with my busy life as a mom is not always easy. As you can see, it’s even hard to maintain a weekly blog post! But, Tim reminds me day in and day out- don’t use the kids as your excuse. Hence, the reason why I am typing this in the semi dark at midnight :X