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Why self care?

Now more than ever I feel that moms need to retrain their brain. We are so wrapped up in everyone else’s needs and wants that we often forget about our own. I want to teach mothers how to throw mom guilt out the window and find a routine that works for them. Like yoga, there is not a “one size fits all” category. Your self care might mean something completely different from mine. Let us explore that and create systems that are simple and manageable.

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You want to try yoga, but don’t want to go into a studio. Or maybe virtual group and live classes sound scary. Are you a mom about to pull her hair out? I get it! You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers.

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Who is Joy Murphy?

I started the Marmee brand when I was pregnant with my first child and had hoped to open a brick and mortar mom lounge/event space (nest away from nest). This reality faded away after my second pregnancy. I put my children first while my career goals took a back seat.
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