Through The Years – Soul Searching

Through The Years – Soul Searching

I come from an entrepreneurial family, so naturally I find myself stuck with the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” The digital age has presented so many possibilities and I have way too many interests. Or are they hobbies? I’m not really sure if I can make a distinction between them anymore!

This is me, spitballing a list of things to mull over eventually: 


-Get to the gym and work out

-Post videos on exercises to do at home

-Pregnancy/Post pregnancy work out

-Silver Sneakers work outs for seniors or low impact

-Merge what I love into one comprehensive workout

-Kickboxing & yoga

-Test out new workout gear


-How to be stylish as a mom without looking like you tried all day

-Living a minimalist lifestyle in a high consumer industry


-Kids sustainable fashion, that’s affordable?

-Easy make-up tips


-Raising kids who enjoy food like you do

-Easy meals, meal prepping

-Food photography

-Cook like you’re a chef

-Date nights

As a mom, lists are a MUST because I find that if it isn’t written or typed some where, I will 100% forget about it. Currently, I am certified to teach Silver Sneakers and cancelled my Turbo Kick Boxing pro plan. I wasn’t using it and paid to keep my certification monthly.

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