Baby Murphette’s Sprinkle

Baby Murphette’s Sprinkle

I actually took a great deal of thought and time with this Sprinkle. Originally, this was suppose to be an outdoor party, but Mother Nature decided to rain on my parade (literally!) Apart from the mishaps (failed attempt at making Peach Bellinis, forgetting to lay out the party favors and taking pictures) I think everyone had fun and most of the food was consumed!

My party planning list included :

-Ordering food from Porto’s Bakery & Sprinkles Cupcakes

-Buying charcuterie and snack items from Trader Joe’s

-Buying decorations & cutlery at Amazon, Michael’s & JoAnne’s

The only pictures I have from the party are below. When you’re juggling hosting duties while pregnant, you forget about the little things… Thanks to Cindy for taking all of these pictures and my cousin for lending me her house!

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